Secure the Border
There are no greater threats to our state and nation than those that come from the federal government's failure to secure the border. From human traffickers, to drug cartels, to organized terrorist groups, we must invest in the infrastructure and technology necessary at the state level to keep them from moving freely back and forth across the Texas border.


In addition to physical barriers, Matthew believes we must also use the different available technologies—such as cameras and drones—to ensure we have a virtual border wall where physical barriers are not present.  This will give the border agents and DPS troopers more resources to stop illegal crossings and keep track of movements along remote parts of the border.  Eliminating or limiting entitlements to illegal immigrants is also an important part of securing our nation’s sovereignty.


Defend the 2nd Amendment 

Matthew believes in our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. He is an avid gun owner and sportsman. He is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, and will fight any government overreach or attempts in Austin that threaten the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans and continue to advocate at a federal level as well. He is also in support of eliminating the fee for a license to carry.


Cut Property Taxes & Reduce Regulation
Matthew understands that a thriving private sector is the key to creating jobs and keeping the “Texas Miracle” alive and kicking. “Government intervention is generally nothing more than a hindrance to employers and entrepreneurs looking to start or expand businesses.”

Matthew will dedicate himself in Austin to reducing taxes and regulation on private businesses, so they can expand, create jobs and continue to grow the economy. Texas didn’t become the model for the rest of the country by accident. Texas will not stay that way without a continuous commitment to advancing and maintaining pro-business and pro-family policies.

Protect Innocent Life 
Matthew deeply values the sanctity of human life. He is a pro-life conservative. “One of the great responsibilities we have as a society is to protect those who cannot protect themselves."


Matthew and his wife, Jennifer, have been active supporters of pro-life causes. They work with CPS, promote adoption, support abused and battered women, and are continuously working with local law enforcement to crack down on child predators and human trafficking. In Austin, Matthew will be a champion of the unborn and the most vulnerable among us.


Fully Fund Our Local Public Schools
Matthew is adamantly opposed to efforts to de-fund our local, neighborhood public schools through risky voucher or tax credit proposals. Rather, he is committed to our teachers, and most importantly, our children. He will fight against the over-reliance on standardized testing. He believes empowering parents and teachers through local accountability and family engagement is the best way to get the results we are looking for in our schools. Matthew will work to provide teachers with the tools they need to better control and manage their classrooms for the benefit of all students.
Matthew also believes that we must end the “Robin Hood” school finance system, and make sure that local education decisions and dollars remain local. He believes this is a big key to unlocking the potential of our local schools, and providing quality public education to children in every district across the state.


Defend Law Enforcement from Efforts to “De-Fund”
Public safety is an essential service that government exists to provide. Matthew understands safe streets and rapid response times are vital to the well-being of the families of Denton County. He will help foster good working relationships between our various local public safety entities. He will fight for the state resources needed to ensure that we are investing in the best equipment, training, and technology available to keep our community safe and ensure that residents of District 57 get the emergency services they deserve. He will combat the ludicrous efforts of those on the left to “de-fund” the police and drain resources away from first responders.


Protect the Integrity of Our Elections
One of the most important aspects of a healthy democratic system is that the public has confidence in the integrity and overall fairness of the elections in which they participate. This is a simple concept, yet it is imperative if people are to ever have faith in our public institutions. Matthew will work to make voting as accessible as possible to all eligible voters, while implementing safeguards to ensure cheating and voter fraud is a thing of the past.